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What is a Shorkie???


Shorkie Club Of America Standard

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Breed Group: Toy & Tinies


Characteristics Rating


perfect for every life style and lap size

Grooming requirements:

grooming is required monthly

Exercise requirements:

minimal..they love being lap dogs

Good with other dogs:


Watchdog ability:

great alert dogs to let you know someone is around...but after that they very quickly become the strangers best friend

Weight: 4 TO 12 pounds

The size of a Shorkie is the one thing that cannot be guaranteed because they are a first generation breeding but we do our best to be as accurate as possible.  They may be smaller than our best guess or larger.  Just as in humans we can only try and GUESSTIMATE but we can in no way guarantee size

Height: 5 - 9 inches

Color(s): Any


Overview: The Shorkie is sweet and playful. He's also got plenty of spunk but is always ready to lay and cuddle at anytime. He's not afraid of strangers and loves to meet to friends and animals to play with. The Shorkie seems especially to dislike hot weather. The coat of course when it is long causes them to be a little uncomfortable in the heat. puppy cuts are the preferred cut that easy to maintain and keep clean all year long. Growing the coat completely out is an opinion. but beware it is a daily routine to keep and manage.

Coat: Is long haired if grown out completely. again the preferred cut is called a Puppy Cut. it gives the shorkie a youthful and teddy bear like appearance. variety of colors including black, red, beige, and sometimes white mixed in that is called party are the colors of the shorkie

Character: The Shorkie is an independent breed that is intelligent, lovable, affectionate, sociable, and cheerful. It seldom barks and is for the most part very laid back. It is very adaptable to many lifestyles. Very trainable

Temperament: This dog always behaves with dignity, and gets along with other household pets and children. It is gentle and always in a happy mood with the tail going constantly as a reminder of how willing he or she is to please you.

Care: Grooming is required .. To prevent tangles, the coat must be combed everyday if it is full coat. Having the puppy cut is preferred and very easy for all involved with little maintenance involved.

Training: This breeds is very sweet and gentle and willing to please but as with any training process to include potty training your puppy, consistency is essential in the training process. They are very trainable and our puppy parents are amazed!

Activity: Shorkies are happy with short walks or long walks.