Shorkie Club Of America

Setting The International Standard of  Shorkie Excellence


Welcome to the Official Shorkie Club Of America. The only Shorkie Club in the world that is dedicated to the ethical development of the Shorkie breed.

Welcome to the SCA Shorkie Club Of America

My name is Steffy and I am Proud to be the person who started the Shorkie breed and am the founder of the Shorkie Club Of America

As the Founder Of The Shorkie Club Of America My Goal is to make a clear distinction for potential shorkie owners  between just any shorkie breeder and an ethical dedicated shorkie breeder. In a nut shell, we have done all we can to take the risks out of adopting a new shorkie puppy.

This is the only Shorkie group of Shorkie breeders that is dedicated to the ethical development and establishment of this mixed breed we call the Shorkie.

The Shorkie Club of America symbol will help you to indentify our SCA Shorkie breeder so you will know who we are affiliated with. There have been reports of people attempting to use our symbol and our graphics so if you are unsure please feel free to contact us to see if the Shorkie breeder you are interested in is a SCA member

Shih-Tzu & Yorkshire Terrier. The Shorkie is the ultimate companion dog, a breeding that was created for families that have children and want to share their lives with a special fur baby. The Mother is always the SHIH TZU and the DAD is always the Yorkie. The reverse breeding is not considered or recognized as a Shorkie by our association.  This reverse breeding does not produce puppies that fit ‘our idea’ of what a Shorkie should look like. We do have some second generation breedings as well that we have carefully planned. After years of experience we developed the only Shorkie standard to date that exists for all our Shorkie breeder to strictly adhere too.

 The Shorkie breeders in the SCA use the formative weeks of the puppy’s life to develop resourcefulness, warmth and intelligence.  We give them the best start, so our families will receive a puppy that will be exceptional. We are present at the births of our puppies. We can’t wait for the puppies’ eyes to open. We pick up each puppy and let him or her look at us, and we talk to him or her and cuddle with him or her. We are always very gentle with our babies. We do not cage our babies. They are born in our home. We supply them with hands on love from day one.  

We believe that it is our obligation to provide the Shorkie puppies and the families whom we serve with the best possible start through good breeding, rearing, daily interaction, training through proper play and cuddling.  Also, getting to know each of the families’ particular needs assists us in proper puppy testing and placement. We do provide a Puppy Aptitude Test to each of our puppies at 6 & 8 weeks of age.  We think that adopting a puppy is an important process and should begin with the breeder. But the family adopting the puppy will also have to take responsibility. They have to be very honest with us, so we can suggest a puppy that will best fit into their family. Then, that family will need to educate themselves, hopefully, through this website and books.


Any Shorkie breeder that has qualified will receive our signature logo to place on their site. If you are uncertain please feel free to contact us at our main website    

Public Notice!

Dear Puppy Parents.!

There is a breeder in Alabama by the Name of Sherry Carter who has a website name PUPPYPAWLER who uses our Shorkie Club Of America graphic and our website content to look affiliated with us. She was declined membership into the Shorkie Club of America a few yrs ago because she is  a licensed pet shop. We do not and will not allow pet shops brokers or puppy mills into the Shorkie Club Of America. Please do your research and adopt your Shorkie from a reputable Shorkie breeder. Help us keep this wonderful breed our of Pet Shops and Puppy Mills